Fun Book Club Ideas That Your Girlfriends Will Love

posted: 05/22/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Book clubs can be more than reading random books at random times. Take your club to the next level with these fun themes! Every month or few months, you can choose a different topic or theme that your girlfriend will love. This is sure to keep each book unique, interesting and fun to read. These book club ideas are sure to be the highlight of your month!

Wine and Crime

If your friends are obsessed with true crime, then this is the club for you. Pick a true crime book or an amazing fiction novel as the discussion of your evening. You can nominate friends to bring wine for the group each month as an addition to the discussion! Your friends will enjoy talking about the world's most diabolical crimes while sipping on a delicious glass of red.

Book Swap

Have everyone in your group bring their favorite book of all time. Then swap books with someone else from the group! This is a fun way to get each of your friends to read one another's favorite books.

Moms and Tods

This book club is calling all moms with toddlers! Have a book each month about empowered women/mothers while also sharing a children's book you read to your kid that month. Bring the children's book you read with your kids and swap with someone else in the room. This not only encourages you to read more books, but also allows you the chance to read more books to your child!


Coming Soon to Theatres

If you love movies than this is the book club for you. This club revolved around all books that are soon to be made into movies. You can first discuss the book and then you can all go see the movie together after! Comparing books to movies is a fun twist on a traditional book club that you and your girlfriends are sure to enjoy!

Travel by Text

Pick a book each month that takes place in a different part of the world. It could be somewhere as far as Antarctica or somewhere as close as Texas. Chose food based on the place in which the story is narrated. You can discuss the plot while snacking on authentic cuisine from the novel!

Self-Help Happy Hour

There is no shame in enjoying self-help books. There are so many books on the market that are there to help change your perspective on the world and help you live a more fulfilled life. Get a group of women to read a new, inspiring book each month to help each other stay on track with goals. Enjoy some drinks while discussing some of the many personal development tips these books provide.

Reading books can be even more enjoyable when you have a group of people to discuss them with. Find the theme that works best for your group and run with it! You can even switch up the themes and try one of these each month to keep it interesting. Have fun and happy reading!


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