Fun and Flirty Summer-Time Beach Tattoos

posted: 08/01/18
by: TLCme

Summer is a time for relaxing, laying by the pool, lounging at the beach and soaking up the summer rays. It may even be a season where you decide a tattoo might be the perfect accessory to complete your summertime ensemble. Tattoos don't need to be overpowering, unless of course you want them to be, they can be subtle and just for you. Maybe a palm tree on the ankle, or some ocean waves on your rib cage; whatever you may choose, here are some summer-time inspired tattoos that we love!

It might not be a beach animal but it still fits the theme of summary.

Just the size of a dime!

In case subtly isn't your thing.

Nothing says relaxing like palm trees and adirondack.

I've heard the sound of waves brings peace of mind.

Subtle and adorable!