Stacy London and Demi Lovato Star In Our #FreshFaceFriday Roundup

posted: 01/29/16
by: Rebecca Goldberg

How Great And Beautiful You Are

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Lisa is a 48 year old single mother of four whose too young, too revealing style gives the impression that she's high maintenance and superficial, when she really is anything but.

#FreshFaceFriday has become one of our favorite weekly traditions here at TLC! We love spotlighting natural beauty and what's beautiful about everyone-- both inside and out. In honor of our #FreshFaceFriday #Contest Giveaway, which kicks off today, we're highlighting some of our favorite #FreshFaceFriday photos! Take a look, and share one of your own!

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For a chance to see your photo on air, and to be entered to win $1000, share your #FreshFaceFriday #Contest photo on Instagram!

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