Fresh Summer Pizzas That Are Healthy-ish

posted: 07/06/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Pizza is one of life's many pleasures, but it is definitely not the healthiest meal. The good news is that there are so many ways to make pizza a lot healthier than a classic cheese pie. With the help of cauliflower crust and seasonal vegetables, you can make virtually any pizza healthy. Check out some of these simple recipes to make fresh summer pizzas!


Salad Pizza

Instead of topping your pizza with heavy meats and cheeses, try topping it with your favorite salad. This is a way to pack a lot of flavors onto your pizza. You could go for a classic Caesar salad or try something a little more gourmet like a goat cheese, arugula salad. The options are endless, and it is a great way to fit in salad while also enjoying pizza!

Pretty green pizza, @ashtonkeefe ?? #eatyourgreens #saladpizza

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Cheese-less Pizza

An easy way to cut out a lot of the fat and calories that pizza has is to skip out on the cheese. It may sound like a strange idea, but we promise that with bold flavor combinations, you won't miss it at all. By adding things like avocados and pesto to your pizza, you are replicating the texture and taste that cheese usually adds. This is one of the best ways to transform your high calories pizza into a much healthier option!

Brussel's and Beets Pesto Pizza. In lieu of this recipe (which will come soon), my mood-lifter Kale & Walnut Pizza can be found a little way back in my gallery... or I can DM you the recipe if you're keen. I didn't eat pizza tonight*, but I wouldn't have minded a slice of this. (*I ate veggie sausages and asparagus, in case you care ?) Thank you for the kindness on my last post ?? and the response to my stories. I have never received so many DMs in such a short amount of time ?or chatted as I have with so many people here - old friends and new. It's been entertaining and heartwarming. Most of all, I see how similar we all are, no matter where we are from or what brought us here. Kindness is king. Big ? from Stockholm, Marisa x . . . #feedfeed#beautifulcuisines#kaleyeah#letscookvegan #glutenfritt#veganpizza#vegandinner #glutenfreevegan

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Cauliflower Crust Pizza

You have probably heard about the cauliflower pizza craze, and it's for a good reason. Cauliflower pizza crust gives you the mouthfeel and texture of pizza crust, without all the carbs. It also helps you to get even more vegetables into your diet without even noticing. You can make your favorite pizzas with this crust for a much healthier meal that the whole family will love!


lately i've been adding in veggies that i haven't had in two years to see how my body takes it now that my ibs is gone and today's veggie of choice was cauliflower ? i finally got to try out the @traderjoes cauliflower pizza crust, now i'm just hoping it sits okay because i am OBSESSED ? i topped mine with some homemade pesto, mozzarella cheese, turmeric roasted brussel sprouts, zucchini noodles, fresh basil, daikon microgreens & @manitobaharvest hemp seeds ? so. dang. good. . . #pizza #cauliflowerpizza #cauliflower #basil #pesto #food52 #foodphotography #cleaneating #health #wellness #wholefoods #fitness #foodie #feedfeed #beautifulcuisines #eatrealfood #bbg #pwrbabes #vegetarian #foodblogger #foodstyling #foodporn #tastingtable #iamwellandgood

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Green Pizza

Have a green pizza night! Set up a bar for pizza toppings where everyone can build their own pizza. The only rule is that every topping has to be green. This is a fun way to get kids in the kitchen and create their own green pizzas. Have things like peas, spinach, pesto, and avocados. You can even add cooked spinach into your pizza crust for extra nutrients!

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These are just some of the simple ways you can transform standard pizza, into a healthy meal. Pizza doesn't have to be a treat you only eat once in a while. With these recipes, pizza can be added into your weekly dinner roulette!