Freezer Food Hacks Everyone Should Be Doing

posted: 04/17/18
by: Kristine Boyd

When most people think of freezer food, they think of cheap pizza and bags of frozen peas. While these may be freezer staples for many, don't let it end there. There are so many fun things you can do with your freezer that will save you time, money and overall make your life easier! Whether it's preventing food from going bad or meal prepping, these food hacks will show you that your freezer is your best friend.

Cookie Dough Hack

Everyone can probably agree that there is nothing like a warm cookie straight out of the oven. With this hack, you will be able to have them every night of the week! Next time you make a batch of cookie dough, don't bake the whole thing. Portion out the rest of your dough and put it in the freezer. Next time you want a freshly baked cookie, all you have to do is pull out a portioned piece from your freezer and bake it! This way you never have to let any of your batter go to waste.

Smoothie Dump Bag

Fruits and greens tend to go bad extremely quickly. Sometimes within days after you buy a carton of berries or spinach, you already start to see them turning brown. An easy way to not waste any produce is to have a designated smoothie dump bag. This is a bag you throw berries, greens, fruits and anything else that could go into a smoothie into. You can make your smoothies with the frozen fruits and vegetables from this ongoing bag of produce. Just blend with juice or milk and you will have delicious drinks every day!

Wine Ice Cubes

We have all had those times when you open a bottle of wine and you realize that you really don't like it. Instead of trying to drink it, or throwing it out, freeze it in an ice tray! Wine ice cubes are so versatile. You can add them into sauces, sangrias or create frozen wine drinks. This tip will help you feel a lot better about opening up a bottle that you don't care for.

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Individual Portions

Next time you make a recipe in bulk, don't try to freeze it in one large container. This can take forever to thaw and be counterproductive if you only want one portion. Instead, freeze soups, stews and chili in induvial portions. This way if you are craving a bowl of that soup you made last week, you can take out just enough for one bowl. Not only will this thaw very quickly but this a great way to meal prep ahead of time!

Yogurt Ice Cubes

Are you a frozen yogurt fanatic? If you answered yes then you need to start freezing Greek yogurt in an ice cube tray. With a blender or a food processor, you can make delicious frozen yogurt right at home! Just freeze yogurt cubes, add a touch of milk (or more unfrozen yogurt) and blend! You can also use these to add to smoothies to make them thick and creamy.

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The freezer is an underrated kitchen appliance that we think everyone should be taking full advantage of. You can save so many things from going bad and also save yourself a lot of time. All of these hacks are sure to make your life a whole lot easier!