For a Little Extra Luck, Here’s How Your Kids Can Create Their Own Leprechaun Trap

posted: 03/15/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Legend has it, if a leprechaun is captured on St. Patrick's Day, the tiny creature has the power to grant three wishes in return for his release. From elaborate and super creative, to simple and so much fun, here are leprechaun traps that will surely catch all of those naughty leprechauns and bring a little luck to your kids this St. Patrick's Day.

Leprechaun Trap

Help your kids turn a shoebox and construction paper into this leprechaun trap. Your kids will have to act quickly to catch any leprechauns looking for gold.

Slide Leprechaun Trap
Grey House Harbor

What leprechaun could say no to a free slide that is this much fun? A few craft sticks, a paper towel roll and an empty cereal box has never been so festive.

Leprechaun Jar Trap
Lia Griffith

Using a mason jar or plastic bottle and a few scraps of St. Patrick's Day themed paper, this pint sized leprechaun trap is perfect for capturing your own leprechaun.

Lego Trap
Brain Power Boy

If you've got a future engineer, let their creativity fly while they construct a trap using all of their green Legos.

Crayon Leprechaun Trap
The Night Owl Mama

Create a rainbow ladder for your leprechaun out of crayons. They already come in every color in the rainbow! This is one decoration you'll want to bring out every St. Patrick's Day.

Forest Leprechaun Trap
Media Cache

Create a shamrock forest as the backdrop to your trap, and when St. Patrick's Day is over, plant a few spring flowers to keep this trap around all spring.

Simple Shoebox Trap
Media Cache

Leprechaun traps don't need to be elaborate. Sometimes it's the simple plans that work the best. Add a trap door to a shoe box and disguise it with green paint for a simple and effective trap.