Flip Flop Socks: Genius or Ridiculous

posted: 12/07/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Flip Flop Socks


Socks always make a nice and inexpensive stocking stuffer during the holiday season. After all, those long winter months can keep your toes feeling frosty. But if you are looking to grab a few pairs of socks for everyone on your holiday shopping list, you may come across the latest internet sensation that is designed for those that never want summer to end but still want to keep their feet warm--enter the genius creation: flip flop socks.

The flip flop sock bears a resemblance to fingerless gloves, but for the socks, your heel and your toes are out while your foot and ankle are wrapped in woolen softness.

You can find flip flop socks all over Etsy in just about every color. Some socks are sold as the perfect gift for yoga teachers or dance teachers who want to keep their feet warm while they strike the perfect pose, and some are sold as socks you can wear the next time you get a pedicure. However, they also work for people who want to sport their summer shoe apparel but keep their feet warm. While it may not be the most fashionable look, at least your feet won't feel chilly.

These socks would also come in handy if you live in a warmer climate but every now and then, the winter weather gets a bit chilly. No need for heavy woolen socks when you can just wear flip flop socks. This really is the gift that works for everyone, right? Well maybe that is a bit of a stretch.

So what do you think about flip flop socks? Are you a fan and will we find them on your holiday wish list?