Five-Year-Old With Cancer Gets An Early Halloween Party

posted: 07/20/15
by: TLCme

Billy Lee just had the best Halloween ever -- in July. That's because the five-year-old was diagnosed with an incurable brain cancer called medulloblastoma, and doctors believe he only has a month to live. After going through multiple surgeries and rounds of chemo, Billy's parents have decided to stop treatment and make his last days as enjoyable as possible.

To that end, Chris and Kelen Lee threw their son an Avengers-themed Halloween bash, complete with a special visit from superheroes. Friends dressed up in Avengers costumes and enjoyed decorations donated by strangers.

The Houston, Texas, couple who gave up their jobs to take care of Billy full-time, say that the party had a profound effect. "He's different than he was 10 months ago. He's happy. It makes us happy to see him smile," Kelen Lee told local ABC affiliate KTRK.

Thanks to donations from friends and strangers via their GoFundMe page, the couple have been able to fulfill some of their son's last wishes. They've taken him to Disney World and Lego Land, and though doctors told the family they could continue chemotherapy for another two months, they've chosen to focus on making Billy's remaining time as comfortable as possible.

"We could continue the chemotherapy for an extra two months, but what is the meaning? You get an extra two months if you need to stay in the hospital for 30 days?" said Kelen Lee. "You need to choose between being happy or surviving? I guess I want him happy."