Five Beauty Trends You Have to Try This Season

posted: 10/04/16
by: Katie Morton

Admittedly, I can get into a major beauty rut (hello, tinted moisturizer and mascara), but there's nothing like a change of season to get me into overhauling my makeup bag. As temperatures drop, its time to change out your beauty routine and you can take some hints from the biggest beauty trends that are making an impact this season.

Image Source: MakeupHall

  1. Berry Stained Lips: I know, this one seems like a no-brainer: berry-stained lips have been en vogue the last few seasons. However, this fall, the darker the lip, the better. This is a look that's flattering on everyone, you just need to find the right shade for your skin and keep the rest of your look fairly simple to let your lips do the talking.

Image Source: Uptown With Elly Brown

  1. Metallic Eyeshadow: As the 90s continue to dominate fall style trends, metallic eyeshadow is making a major comeback. You can go subtle with a gray metallic, or go edgier with a full-on gold or silver eye for a fun night out. Rock on!

Image Source: Yesterday's Sweetheart

  1. Hair Accessories: Another nod to 90s fashion (remember butterfly clips?), hair accessories are back in a big way this fall. Runway models were piling the accessories on (think tiaras and bejeweled headbands) but I like a more minimalist approach to the hair accessory trend. As someone who has predominantly used a hair tie as my hair accessory, I'll dip my toe in with a pretty barrette or ponytail holder first.

Image Source: GlamRadar

  1. Curly Girls: Gone are the days of flat ironing curly hair into stick-straight tresses: runway looks this fall were embracing texture and natural hair, which is welcome news to this curly-haired gal.

Image Source: The Glitter Guide

  1. Spider Lashes: Okay, I know previously "spider lashes" were definitely a beauty don't, however this fall, clumpier lashes are in. It sounds a little crazy to someone who has been taught to separate those lashes at all cost, but this trend can actually look amazing and make your eyes pop. The key to this trend is less is more - don't go overboard, but simply paint on more mascara layers to 'clump' up the lashes.