Fitness Blogger Silences Body Shamers by Photoshopping Herself in This Awesome Video

posted: 04/23/15
by: Mara Betsch

Fitness blogger Cassey Ho is the epitome of fit, and yet that didn't stop body-shamers from attacking her on social media with a varity of nasty comments. She's gotten everything from "You shouldn't give advice when you're so fat" to "Suck it in more." Not only are these remarks hateful, but they're also absurd.

To shut these body-shamers up once and for all, Ho created a video called The 'Perfect' Body, in which she literally Photoshops herself, giving herself a "thigh gap," increasing her bust and creating a Barbie-sized waist.

"I wanted to show people how I felt when I read those comments," Ho told TODAY.com. "I wanted to do a video of me live-Photoshopping myself to the body that certain people want me to have."

She announced the video by placing her new distorted body on her Instagram account:

At first, Ho was alarmed when some people congratulated her on her new physique, but once users watched the video, they praised her for spreading the right kind of message. With the overuse of Photoshop, Ho realizes that we're setting impossible expectations for how our bodies should look.

"It creates an unrealistic beauty ideal and girls growing up are going to be like, 'I want my waist to be that small,' but little do they know that maybe their bone structure will never allow that," she said.

And seeing the success of this video, we think that's the ultimate way to quiet haters.