First Time Mom Posts Hilarious Video of Herself Wearing A Chewbacca Mask While Giving Birth, Obviously

posted: 01/10/17
by: TLCme

Because what better way to go through 19 hours of labor than to wear a Chewbacca mask while giving birth, which is exactly what Katie Curtis did on January 3rd as she welcomed her daughter Jayden into the world.

Curtis said on Facebook when posting the video:

"Just because I'm about to be a mom doesn't mean I have to grow up! Bwahahahahs never take life too seriously! Best Christmas gift ever!
#havingababy #pregnancyhairgrowth

Curtis told US Weekly that she was inspired by original Chewbacca Mom and friend of TLCme, Candace Payne and her internet video laughing while wearing the mask. She told US Weekly "I watched it over and over" adding that it was a gift from her brother toward the end of her pregnancy in hopes she would laugh her way into labor.

In the clip you'll see Curtis struggle through contractions while the Star Wars mask translates her cries of pain into Shyriiwook (the language of Wookies).

Perhaps hospitals will start carrying the masks to help women through labor with a little out of the universe fun!

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