First Look at the Emotional Stories on This Year’s This Is Life Live

posted: 05/02/18
by: TLCme

This Is Life Live returns this Mother's Day and we're already stocking up on tissues! This time, Chris Jacobs will be joining his Long Lost Family cohort Lisa Joyner in hosting the unpredictable four-night event. And, for the first time ever, This Is Life Live will air live across the country in all time zones (Eastern, Central, Midwest, Pacific). That means no spoilers!

Lucky for you, we now know this year's featured stories and the epic live moments to emotionally prepare for.

Night One (Sunday, May 13, 9ET/6PT):
Survivors of the Route 91 Harvest Festival tragedy will take part in an incredible, healing experience; and a seven-year-old girl, born without a right hand and forearm, will receive a life-changing prosthetic device.

Night Two (Monday, May 14 9ET/6PT): A mother will witness the impact of her late son's heart donation by meeting the recipient and hearing her son's heartbeat one more time; and a struggling family in need of a safe place to live will be surprised with the gift of a house.

Night Three (Tuesday, May 15 9ET/6PT):
A young man will meet the family and friends of a young woman who passed away during a car accident he was involved in several years ago; and a father will be reunited with his two long-lost daughters and take custody of them, growing instantly from a family of four to a family of six.

Night Four (Wednesday, May 16 9ET/6PT): A 32-year-old man, forced to relearn all his motor skills after a cardiac event left him clinically dead and in a coma, will surprise an unsuspecting crowd of people who helped save his life; and a woman seeks to reunite with her biological mother who placed her for adoption 37 years ago.

Be in the moment when their lives change forever, and maybe tell your BFF to be there with you too for emotional support.

If you want a refresher on last year's stories, you can binge them all on TLC GO!