Find Out the Heartwarming Reason These Seniors Gave Up Their Class Trip

posted: 06/02/15
by: TLCme

The senior class of Profile Junior-Senior High in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, were all set to go on a four-day class trip to Ridin' Hy Ranch and Resort in the Adirondack Mountains. They'd saved up $8,000 over four years of school to go. But a week before the trip, their school principal Courtney Vashaw told her students that she'd be diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and the students knew they had to do something for her.

So they took a vote, and decided, unanimously, to give their senior class funds to Vashaw.

"She's just very caring, very selfless, and we wanted to be selfless, too,"class treasurer Ian Baker told WMUR.

Vashaw was overwhelmed by her students' gesture. "It is very hard for me to accept help, and I have no idea what to say to you," said Vashaw.

But the decision to make the donation was easy for the students, who felt a strong connection with their principal. The small school only has around 180 students total, and everyone knows each other.

"Every one of us has a connection with her, and she has given so much to us that we just wanted to give back," said Christopher Sirois, the senior class president.

Vashaw said she only wanted to let the students know what was going on so they wouldn't wonder why she was out of school. She continues to be impressed by their kindness and generosity.

"They are (a) pretty remarkable, fun, astonishing group of people," she said.