Father of Six Daughters Shares What He’s Learned as a Dad

posted: 06/17/16
by: Adam Busby
Adam Busby of It's a Buzz World has six daughters under six.
It's A Buzz World

5 years ago, I became a Dad and I felt like there was this stigma surrounding fatherhood that Dads needed to have a little boy. It seems as though everyone would make that comment to me after finding out that we were pregnant with a little girl and then later 5 more. I totally get that and I would be lying to you if I said that it wasn't in the back of my mind. I have a really great dad that was always super involved in my life and all of my activities and sports as a child. If I could think in my mind at the model of the ideal father figure, my dad would probably check every box on the list. Having that relationship with him made me want to one day have that same relationship with my own son. A little boy that I could teach how to catch a baseball or kick a soccer ball and be his coach; carry on the family name! Little did I know, there was a much better story God was writing that would later play out for me and my future family.

Coming from a family of 5 where I had two sisters and 3 women in the house including my mom, I feel like that prepared me in a way for being surrounded by women for the rest of my life. It gave me the tools, understanding and patience to know what I should do and how to treat a lady. Now, that doesn't mean that I didn't do my fair share of tormenting to my sisters when I was younger (and somewhat to this very day).

After becoming a dad of 6 girls, I look back and wonder why I ever would have wanted anything different than the little princesses that I get to come home to each and every day. Living in this day and age where having girls could be super stressful and daunting task, I am constantly reminded of the duty that I have as a father of girls. The duty to show these girls through my actions how a man and ultimately their husband should treat them. Girls need a daddy that is a strong protector to stand up for them and know that they are safe, but is also gentle and kind with them when they need a shoulder or an affirming embrace. A dad that can be serious at times and teach them life lessons, but also be silly enough to play dress up and goof around with them. Girls need a father that is not afraid to show affection to his girls and is not afraid to show love and affection to her mother in front of them. This is a tremendous responsibility that I have been given and I embrace this opportunity to mold their confidence in themselves though my interactions with them daily.

My advice to other dads would be to not go into fatherhood with any preconceived notion about what this new life will be like. Having 6 girls, I have learned that each of them is different and each one has their own individual needs and wants in what their daddy should be to them. Don't be scared to get in there and do the wrong thing. The second you hold that little one in your arms, your entire world will change at the first time you lock eyes. Things that you thought were important in life are just trivial. Be intentional with your little ones and pour into their lives. Be the example that they need and show them how to love others and love themselves.

All of you future dads that have those same preconceived thoughts that your life won't be as fun without a little boy, please have an open mind and give it a chance. There is nothing better than the bond that a daddy has with his little princess and I feel like I am the luckiest dad around for being able to experience that x6!

Happy Father's Day,


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