Fan Favorite ‘My 600 Lb. Life’ Returns for a New Season

posted: 12/12/17
by: Marina Luciano-Carson

My 600 Lb. Life, the addictive TLC series returns for its sixth season on Wednesday, January 10 at 8/7c. With 14 new two-hour episodes telling the most heartbreaking, yet inspiring stories, the series follows those who have found themselves at their breaking point with extreme obesity.

We see them experience the struggles of addiction, dependence and the inevitable impact their condition has on their relationships with those close to them. Each episode will give viewers an inside look at the emotionally and physically tough journeys to life-saving surgery with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, and their life thereafter.

In the season premiere, we meet couple Lee and Rena, who both struggle with obesity. They first met in bariatric rehab. The two of them grew close but, when the clinic told them they couldn't be together while remaining at the facility, they discharged themselves to try to live on their own. But while together, their weight skyrocketed, even more, admitting that their favorite thing to do together is to eat. When we meet them, Lee can barely leave his bed without Rena's constant care, but with Rena's obesity issues of her own, she won't be able to be Lee's caretaker much longer.

Desperate to have a "normal" relationship, Lee and Rena make the difficult journey from Houston, Missouri to Houston, Texas to seek out Dr. Nowzaradan's help, in the hopes that they will both be able to get gastric bypass surgery to save themselves and their future as a couple.

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