Family’s Swingset Almost Landed One of Them In Jail

posted: 08/31/15
by: Courtney Reimer

We've heard a lot of horror stories of dealing with a homeowner's association, but this is literally one for the books.

A family in Lee's Summit, Missouri came under fire for installing a swing set without permission and consent of the association, which is sort of understanable until you hear why they were under fire from the HOA. According to a local news story, the Raintree Homeowner's Association didn't like the purple color of the swingset.

In fact, they disliked the color of the playground equipment so much that they threatened to put one of the family members responsible in jail over it. It became something of a crusade for Marla Stout and her family, who started using the hashtag #purplepower to draw awareness to their situation. A judge has now ruled in their favor, and the swingset can stay.

The community gathered to celebrate the decision on Sunday, and Stout posted this message to her Facebook page:

This is the Raintree community that the world needs to see. Thank you to everyone who came out today and to all the supporters we had in this ordeal. Huge thanks to Michael Hodgson and Amber Hodgson for hosting one fantastic party and the 101 ways they have helped our family in recent weeks. #PurplePower