Family Resemblance? Study Says We Seek Out Partners that Look Like Our Parents

posted: 11/13/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Cheerful young couple in the morning at home.

When we find "the one" we want our parents approval. But are we actually seeking out a partner that resembles our mom or dad? One study says yes.

According to a new study conducted by scientists at Glasgow University, when it comes being attracted to someone, it's all in the eyes--more specially, your parent's eye color.

The research, which looked at over 300 people for the study, found that men in the study were more attracted to women with the same eye color as their mothers, and women were attracted to men that have the same eye color as their fathers. Researchers concluded that the participants were twice as likely to be attracted to someone if they shared the same eye color as the parent whose gender they found sexually attractive. So if you are attracted to men--you look for the same eye color as your dad, and if you are attracted to women, you look with partners with your mom's eye color.

The authors of the study connected their findings to a theory known as positive sexual imprinting. This is when birds and mammals choose their mates based on attributes exhibited by their parents. So it would make sense that we would find some aspect of this in humans.

Surely everyone is fine with dating someone who shares the same eye color as their mother or father. However, we just don't want our partner turning into our parents. Now that would be scary!