Scary “Frozen” Cake Actually Has a Sweet Backstory

posted: 07/07/15
by: TLCme

Sure, everyone has a creative spirit, but not everyone should express that creative spirit through baked goods. Case in point: the person who made this Frozen-themed birthday cake.

It's supposed to look like the cake on the left, but that's not exactly what happened. The woman that posted the photo wanted to treat her Elsa-crazed daughter to a special cake, but, well, things didn't turn out as planned.

The baker apparently used a pattern from McGreevy Cakes, who was quick to come to the defense of the novice cake-maker. " I've had epic fails. LOTS of them," wrote McGreevy's Christine Gorman Springolo. "Am I hoping they're never put in the spotlight for all of the world to laugh at? Yes. So am I loving that my photo (which clearly has it's own serious faults) is being used as a comparison to someone's who decided to step out there and give it a shot? Naw. Not really."

UPDATE: Turns out there is a sweet story to this botched baking endeavor. Icing Smiles, a group that creates custom cakes for families with very sick children, has come forward and let the Internet know that one of its volunteers was behind the cake. Thankfully, the recipient of the cake loved it, but even the baker admitted it wasn't her best work. Icing Smiles wrote on their Facebook wall: "She even commented that she knew it wasn't her best work and that maybe Elsa was getting back from rehab." You can get the entire story on Mashable.

Of course, this poor volunteer isn't the only one that's had trouble with Disney princesses.

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