Fall Funday Activities to Try With Your Friends

posted: 09/19/16
by: Katherine Sosnoff
fall fun

If you're like me, some good quality time with girlfriends is therapeutic, and after a busy summer with everyone flung every which way, nothing sounds more appealing than catching up with old friends. While grabbing dinner or a glass of wine is always an option, check out these ideas for something different:

  • Afternoon Tea: I give one of my friends, who is obsessed with British culture, all the credit for this one. Many hotels in different areas serve delightful afternoon tea service, but if your area doesnt have any such locations, you can always whip up a tea service at home that would make the royals jealous.

  • Family Potluck: Assign each of your friends a course (appetizer, dessert, etc) and ask them to make a family recipe. You can each share the meaning behind the recipe and the family member who shared it with you; I guarantee it will spark some great conversation and help you learn more about your friends and where they come from.

  • Fill-in-the-Blank Cookoff: To kick up a little healthy competition among friends, host a chili/mac and cheese/chocolate chip cookie cookoff, complete with secret ballots and a prize (though bragging rights are definitely an incentive to bring your A game!)

  • Gourmet Picnic: Take advantage of some of those lingering summer weather days and enjoy the great outdoors. Pack some fancy eats, maybe even some wine or champagne, and head to a park that has plenty of opportunity to take in the fall foliage.

  • Craft Saturday: With the holidays coming, what better time to indulge your inner Martha Stewart? I have been learning more about DIY-wreath making, and while it's a little early to start weaving those evergreen boughs, you could practice your chops on some festive fall wreaths and be professionals by the time Christmas rolls around.

  • Pumpkin Patch: Who said these were just for kids? Sometimes it's nice to get out into the country and enjoy fresh air. Most of the time there are other activities besides a pumpkin patch like apple picking, and fresh farm produce to enjoy.