Facebook’s “Breakup Tools” Just Made It a Lot Easier to Forget Your Ex

posted: 11/25/15
by: Mara Betsch
breakup graphic heart breaking

Breaking up is hard to do, and it's even more difficult to move on when your ex's Facebook posts show up in your news feed. While some people simply "unfriend" an ex as soon as the breakup happens, depending on the amount of mutual friends you have, or how friendly you are post-breakup, there are plenty of reasons you may want to keep this person as a friend -- without having to see what his or her life is like without you.

That's where Facebook comes in. They realized that while you can avoid an ex in real life, it's extremely hard to do on social media. Earlier this month, they started rolling out what they call their "take a break tool," that includes features like "see less of a former partner," allowing you to hide posts and updates from your ex while also making it easier to untag posts which include him or her.

The only drawback is that you had to opt to "be in a relationship" with your ex for these features to work.

Facebook product manager Kelly Winters writes, "See less of a former partner's name and profile picture around Facebook without having to unfriend or block them. Their posts won't show up in News Feed and their name won't be suggested when people write a new message or tag friends in photos. Limit the photos, videos or status updates that a former partner will see," in a Facebook Newsroom post.

When people change their relationship statuses, they will be prompted with screens that look like this:

Though these trials are only available to U.S. mobile users right now, depending on they go, they'll probably come to desktop versions and other regions shortly. Here's hoping this makes breakups a little easier and Facebook-stalking your ex a little harder.