Explore Sabrina Soto and Laurie Smith’s Trading Spaces Room Renovations

posted: 05/13/18
by: TLCme

On last night's Trading Spaces, veteran designer Laurie Smith gave us a cool urban loft renovation while Sabrina Soto made a fabulous farmhouse chic dining room for her first episode on the show! Take a 360 tour of the final rooms with Paige Davis, and hear from Sabrina about the inspiration behind her design below!

Sabrina: My homeowners were really into the farmhouse look, so I wanted to create a dining room that spoke to their aesthetic but also had a bit of a modern edge to it. I was super lucky that I was able to reuse their dining table and some of their chairs, so the majority of my budget went into the rug and buffet. I really love the way the room turned out. Working with Tress and Dave was just about the most fun I've had in a while! And seeing Nicole and Mike's reaction brought tears to my eyes. I was legitimately crying because I wanted them to like it so much and I'm so happy they did!

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