Explore Kahi and Doug’s Trading Spaces Rooms from the Season Finale

posted: 06/03/18
by: TLCme
Last night's Trading Spaces season finale had TWO positive and hilarious reveals! Love ending on a high note! New designer Kahi created a gorgeous room filled with rich colors like peacock blue and, of course, chartreuse! Doug, always the creative, used pine needles and leaves to design a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork for the homeowners' dining room. Explore the final rooms below with Paige Davis, and hear from Kahi Lee about her very first experience on Trading Spaces!

Talk to us about your amazing and bold color choices!
Kahi: Chartreuse! Chartreuse! Chartreuse! You either love it or you hate it and thank goodness for me that it happened to be the homeowner's favorite color. The drapery fabric was the jumping off point for the entire room. I saw it in the fabric store and it just called to me. I selected a dark teal paint for the walls because dark blue hues are great for balancing out vivid hues like chartreuse. I brought in even more vivid hues in the framed scarves and throw pillows. But I also brought in light neutrals with the sofa, rug and console table to tie into the white architectural elements in the room like the fireplace mantle and stair rail. The neutrals also help to offset the dark walls and vivid accents.

You got a HUGE room for your first renovation, how did you approach it?
Kahi: The room has an extremely high ceiling which posed a challenge, but also an opportunity to do something dramatic. I bought the biggest chandelier that I could afford. The original plan was to paint the brass chandelier white to give it a more contemporary look but after looking around the homeowners' house it became clear that they loved gold accents. So we made the decision to give the brass chandelier a dusting of gold spray paint instead. The starburst clocks over the fireplace were originally supposed to be mirrors but Matt and Kim told me that the homeowners really loved clocks so I made a little tweak.

Any special part of your redesign that you loved?
Kahi: The homeowner had a piece of artwork that she had painted as a child that she wanted to keep in the room. I decided to highlight the art by creating a vignette around it. We framed the art and gave it it's own corner of the room. I selected design elements in that space to highlight the artwork.

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