Everything Your College Student Needs for Their Dorm Room

posted: 08/04/17
by: Katie Morton
Young woman writing in notebook on bed in dorm room

Is your kid off toe college this month!? Congrats! Moving into the new college dorm is an exciting time. We've got cool dorm room ideas to help outfit the new university digs, in style. Read on for your 2017 dorm room wish list.

Decorator-worthy Wall Decor

Let's face it; those bare, white dorm room walls aren't going to get anyone featured in House Beautiful. Jazz up your plain, standard-issue walls with any of these gorgeous hand-made displays from Etsy. Or, take a DIY approach to dressing your walls by creating your own photo wall mural.

If framed artwork isn't your thing, then hanging beautiful tapestries is an inexpensive, colorful way to spruce up your space. Society 9 has an array of dorm-ready options to choose from.

The Very Best Bedding
You can never have too many sets of sheets. For some reason, these seem to go missing in college laundry rooms as often as the lone, orphaned sock. Since dorm room beds are sized twin XL, look for linens in that size (note: It's longer than regular twin sheets).


Too busy to make your bed before that dreaded Monday 8am lecture? Wayfair's got you covered with an array of zip-up bedding options perfect for the busy college crowd. Can't find the duvet pattern that you love? It's shockingly easy to create a custom duvet that nobody else will have!

Portable Work Station

Studying in bed can be tough on your posture. Enter the portable, (eco-friendly!) bamboo lap desk to keep your laptop right where it needs to be. It's adjustable to make the viewing angle easy on the eyes. A bonus side panel can hold a mug of coffee or late-night munchies of your choice. You can buy this on Amazon for approximately $32.

Essential Earphones

Shared dorm space can mean drowning out the background noise. Tune it all out with these super affordable, wireless headphones. This mobile set is compatible with laptops, cell phones, tablets, or streaming TVs, so they'll work for both listening to lectures and unwinding with a movie marathon.

Fashion-Forward Coffeemaker

This one's a no-brainer. No self-respecting college student can pull an all-night study session without caffeine to the rescue. Plus, brewing your own coffee in your dorm room can save you a ton of money. This sleek, personal coffee maker from Keurig is a space-saving way to brew coffee in just 2 minutes. Make it a "to go" order with one of these leak-proof travel mugs.

Cool Closet Organizers

College is full of many new things fun parties, new friends, amazing professors...tiny closets. Being organized can help you make the most of your space. Over-the-door hangers free up floor space and let you keep essentials such as jackets, robes, and towels at your fingertips. Hanging closet shelves help you neatly corral sweaters, t-shirts, and denim.

Consider these suggestions a starting point for that dorm room wish list. You can add on to these ideas and create your own shareable list with Dormify. Good luck on campus this fall and have fun outfitting your new dorm!