Everything You Need to Know About Child-Friendly Search Engine Kiddle

posted: 03/01/16
by: Amanda Freeman

How many times have you done a quick Google search and, within a few clicks, you've stumbled upon a completely inappropriate site. Yikes! Click the back button! Click the back button! But even worse, what if it's your kids that are stumbling on very adult content? But now there's a new place for your kids to safely browse the web, and it's called Kiddle.

Powered by Google safe search but not owned by them, Kiddle's kid-friendly search engine that promises to eliminate the chances of your kids searching for info on their favorite boy band and clicking on adult content. If they learn a new naughty word on the bus, they won't be able to search that new word. Kiddle promises only safe content will appear on this search engine. So if your child is looking up Miley Cyrus, they will only find family friendly news stories and pictures. Her Instagram and twerking videos will be blocked. How great is that?

Though not the first kid-friendly search engine, Kiddle uses the keyword technology Google has made famous and is free, which is a bonus for moms trying to save money for college funds. And it looks a lot like the popular search engine we're all familiar with but ditches the solid white background for a fun outer space theme complete with a cute alien/robot.

Your kids can still do a web, image, news, and video search using Kiddle. Even better, the first three results will be sites written specifically for kids and the following 4-7 sites will use simple kid-friendly language. Kiddle also features more illustrations with big thumbnails and a large font so kids can easily read the text. All of the content is approved and vetted by editors, which helps ensure the safety and validity of the sites your kids will be surfing. Kiddle will never collect personal information from your kids and the logs are cleared every 24 hours so your kids can safely search the web.

You can test Kiddle's safe content yourself by typing in words like sex or poop. You'll see a screen with an angry robot telling your kids they need to go back and start their search again. Parents can even add additional words into the blocked content.

google-kiddle 2.jpg

Though the search engine isn't without controversy, especially for its lack of including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender terms, and has critics questioning how one search engine can appeal to 5-year-olds and 12-year-olds, the idea is promising...and it will save you from snooping through your teen's search history.