Everything You Need For Your Baby’s First Beach Trip

posted: 07/26/16
by: Katie Morton
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The cute baby boy playing on the beach

Any new parent will tell you that the first few trips out of the house are daunting. You pack like you're prepping for an Everest climb and stuff your pack with enough supplies to break the back of even the strongest Sherpa. For the beach, you'll need the usual supplies--diapers, wipes, bottles, but what else?

1. Sunscreen

Baby's skin is more sensitive and delicate than adults, which means they need extra protection from the summer sun. There's been recent controversy on what sunscreen is safest for children, so we checked in with the experts for the most recent findings. Dr. Karen Sutton recommends the following non-toxic sunscreens.

2. Sunshield Clothes

In addition to sunscreen, an added step many parents like to take for a day at the beach is sun protection attire. Many children's clothing companies manufacture clothing with built-in sun protection. A floppy-brimmed sun hat and protective long sleeved rash guard with SPF will keep your baby comfy and burn free under the hot summer rays.

3. Eye Protection

If you're going to spend a long day under the bright sun, then it's a good idea to protect baby's peepers with child-friendly shades. If your baby's a little older and will be in the water, then you may consider child-friendly goggles for saltwater free splashing.

4. A Beach Umbrella

For shade and sun protection, you can't beat a beach umbrella. Your umbrella can provide a shaded spot for just a few dollars. Check out Target's impressive selection of colorful, lightweight beach umbrellas to keep your family cool at the ocean.

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5. A Play Area

Gritty sand can cause baby's skin to itch and break out. You can use a simple beach blanket or large beach towel to create a sand-free play zone. For a more creative corral, which can hold in baby, keep out sand, and provide a mini playpen for toys (and coolers), check out this ingenious fitted sheet hack.

6. A Camera

You're going to want to capture all the adorable seaside firsts! Baby's first sand, baby's first ocean wave, and baby's first time on a raft--you get the drift! (Actually, don't put your baby on a raft, even for a photo op--bad move). Most people today use cell phone cameras to snap shots. Keep yours safe from sand and water with a waterproof phone case.

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7. A PFD

Pediatricians recommend personal floatation devices (PFDs or life jackets) any time children are around bodies of water. For information on how to select the proper life jackets and how to fit life jackets, check out this comprehensive resource on PFD and infant water safety at healthychildren.org.

8. Swim diapers

You know how sitting in a wet bathing suit can be uniquely unpleasant? Same goes for diapers. Swim diapers are designed not to absorb water and can help keep baby happy and dry. They're a little more expensive than regular diapers, but they're definitely worth the cost. Plus, they come in lots of cute patterns!

Now that you know you're well stocked, relax and enjoy the shore. Be sure to take lots of adorable photos for the baby book!

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