Everyone is in Shock After Seeing One Teacher’s “Extra Homework”… But For Good Reasons

posted: 05/11/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
One teacher at a school in England just did something super cool.

With SATs looming ahead for the students at Marden Bridge Middle School, one teacher decided it's the perfect time for some extra homework. In a letter sent home, he listed the tasks for the students to tick-off once they completed them and parents can't be happier about it. Why?

Because the list included things like going on a bike ride, eating candy and/or ice cream, seeing friends, resting and many other lighthearted activities.

"We are now in the last couple of days before the SATs and it is vital that you use your time this weekend wisely," this teacher named Mr. Newport wrote. "This is your homework for this weekend. Please complete as many of these activities as possible and tick to say they have been done."

The mother who posted a photo of the letter on Facebook had nothing but praise for him. She said he "knocked it out of the park."

"How lucky we are to have Mr. Newport!" she exclaimed.

There are hundreds of comments on this photo and it has been shared over 1,000 times. People are heralding this caring act as "brilliant," "fabulous" and "lovely."

We couldn't agree more!