Eva Amurri Shares Son’s Home Birth Story

posted: 11/04/16
by: Katie Morton
Eva Amurri Home Birth
Happily Eva After

At a baby shower over the weekend for one of my oldest friends, the moms at the gathering were discussing their labor stories and I was struck by all the different choices we face even before we welcome our little one into the world: epidural or natural? Doula or no? Who should be in the room when the baby is born?

One of those choices, which more and more women are turning to, includes having a baby at home. Eva Amurri recently shared a blog post on her Happily Eva After blog which detailed her son's birth story. Amurri had a home birth with her son (her second child; his big sister Marlowe is 2) and her story is a surprisingly raw and honest account of both the physical and emotional experience of labor. Amurri chronicles the complex emotions that come with welcoming a second child into the family, as well as a complete accounting of the physical and logistical experience of laboring and delivering at home.

Amurri's blog is a refreshingly honest portrait of motherhood; she even chronicled her experience having a miscarriage in 2015 (something that many women deal with, yet don't often talk about) and her openness about her birth experience is no exception. Regardless of what you think of home births, her beautiful story about bringing her son into the world is a powerful portrait of the incredible experience of giving birth.