Eloping Couple Gets a Surprise In-Flight Wedding

posted: 06/11/15
by: Mara Betsch

One happy couple got the surprise of a lifetime while heading to Seattle to get hitched. Student loans and nonprofit jobs prevented Dina and Chas from having a large wedding, so they decided that they would elope in the Northwest. However, once the flight attendants on the JetBlue flight got wind of their situation, there was no stopping them from throwing Dina and Chas an impromptu wedding. From a flight attendant flower girl throwing tissues to Dina's trash bag veil to the exchanging of "wings" not rings, the whole thing is perfect. Flight attendant Chris even proclaimed them "travel companions by the power vested in JetBlue, which is NO POWER AT ALL." And be sure to watch 'til the end -- the couple got one last surprise in the form of a saxophone solo by a fellow passenger.