Eat This to Improve Your Mood Instantly

posted: 11/17/15
by: Courtney Reimer
woman eating yogurt

When most of us feel down and want a delicious pick-me-up, we often turn to sweets like chocolate, the effects of which have been shown to rival the feeling of being in love. But the problem with chocolate (despite many studies touting chocolate's health benefits) is typically laden with sugar -- and who among us can really just eat a tiny bit of chocolate?

Turns out the best thing for a quick pick-me-up isn't chocolate but its healthier, slightly sweet sister: vanilla yogurt. And the added bonus is that yogurt is inarguably more healthy than candy. This new study, published the journal Food Research International, showed that yogurt can surprise us with how tasty it is -- and particularly vanilla yogurt can compound that happiness by imparting feelings of comfort. Vanilla has also been found to produce feelings of relaxation and reduce aggression. (And the surprise may have been multiplied by the fact that white yogurt could be a number of flavors of yogurt.)

We won't blame you if you still reach for a bite of chocolate when your mood dips -- we sure will -- but just consider adding a little vanilla yogurt to your arsenal of happiness-boosters. Especially when you've overdone the chocolate a bit.