Eat Ice Cream at Every Meal

posted: 07/15/16
by: Blythe Copeland

While it seems like just about every kind of food has its own dedicated day now, putting National Ice Cream Day in the middle of the summer (this year, it's July 17) makes it a celebration worth joining. But don't just limit yourself to an after dinner cone: Instead, add a little ice cream to any of your meals throughout the day (or to all of them -- we won't judge).

At Breakfast:
Italian affogato is usually served for dessert, but the mixture of ice cream and coffee makes it a tasty way to start your day, too. (Many recipes call for a splash of liquor poured over the ice cream after the espresso, but that's optional.) If ice cream as a main dish sounds like a too fatty, too sugary way to start your day, try one-ingredient banana ice cream -- which is just frozen bananas blended until creamy -- for a healthier faux version. Add nut butter, berries, cinnamon, raw chocolate, or coconut for added flavor and nutrients.

At Lunch:
The simplest way to indulge at lunch is to trade your turkey-on-wheat sandwich for a classic ice cream sandwich, but you can make a homemade version that's more of a meal by using whole wheat waffles to contain the ice cream. Take PB&J to an icy new level by sandwiching peanut butter ice cream and a layer of jam between peanut butter cookies (or by spreading regular peanut butter and jelly over vanilla ice cream). For a fancier meal, make a simple chilled strawberry soup: Though it's made with more yogurt than cream, it will taste like a melted version of your favorite strawberry ice cream.

At Dinner:
If you're going to have ice cream for dinner, you might as well just go all out with the biggest sundae you can find -- anchored by a moderately sized serving of ice cream (or frozen yogurt for a slightly healthier option). Make it a meal by loading on toppings that are more nutritious than hot fudge and caramel sauce: strawberries, blueberries, or any other in-season fruit; shredded coconut, chopped almonds, crushed walnuts; fresh whipped cream (no sugar added); melted peanut butter or almond butter; grilled peaches or pears; or dark chocolate chips. Or keep it simple by topping a low-fat shortcake with fruit, fresh basil, mint, or lavender, and a small scoop of your favorite ice cream.