Easy Tricks for Beach Body Confidence (None Require Losing 10 Lbs.!)

posted: 07/18/17
by: Jane Garcia Buhks
Body confidence
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Summer time at the beach means putting on a swimsuit, playing in the water, and basking in the sun. For many women, it also means worrying about how we look and feel in barely-there swim attire. Body confidence at the beach is easy if you have the right attitude. With our tips, we'll teach you to fake it until you make it.

1. Dress With Confidence

Part of radiating confidence is feeling great in the skin (and clothes!) you're in. The right beach attire can help boost your inner swagger. The key to finding the right suit is dressing your body in a way that flatters you. No matter what size, shape, height, or weight you are--there is a swimsuit that will flatter your body just the way it is! Seek out a bathing suit which showcases your best assets and you'll hit the beach feeling like a million bucks.

2. Cover It Up

Once you've nailed your look with a suit that flatters your shape, it's time to complete your outfit. Cute cover-ups can shield your skin from the rays and help you feel fashionable. Flowing maxi-dresses and universally flattering tunics will take you from the sand to cabana with casual ease.

3. Score a Faux Glow

A real tan can damage your skin, result in sunspots, and cause premature aging.

Sun-kissed skin naturally conceals blemishes and may make you look more in shape. The good news is that a tan in a bottle can help you get that summer glow without any of the harmful effects. Look for formulas that you can layer on gradually so there's no fear of the dreaded Oompa Loompa look!

4. Practice Your Posture

Want a free, one-second trick that will help you instantly look ten pounds thinner? Stand up straight. That's it! The simple act of standing up straight will lend the appearance that you're slimmer as well as more confident. Just pull your shoulders back and raise your head high--that stance will instantly make you feel more poised.

5. Embrace the Right Accessories

Donning the right combo of accessories can make you feel like a movie star on holiday. At the beach, simply reach for a stylish, wide-brimmed sunhat and a pair of killer shades for instant sass. These accessories not only look amazing, but they'll also help shield your face from the sun's rays.

6. Banish Bloat

When you're walking around in skimpy clothing, the last thing you want to worry about is a bloated stomach. Avoid fizzy drinks such as seltzer, processed foods, and items with loads of salt the day before you hit the beach. With the right food choices, you'll have a naturally flatter frame on beach day.

7. SMILE! Have Fun!

What's the ultimate key to confidence? Having fun! Remind yourself that this is literally a day at the beach. The point is to enjoy yourself, live in the moment, and focus on having a blast, rather than your perceived imperfections. When you're focusing on having an amazing time, you're going to look and feel your most confident!

If you're feeling less than confident to bare it all at the beach this summer, try any one of the tips above. Remind yourself that life is short, and wasting time obsessing about your perceived flaws is pointless. The most attractive people in the world are those who project confidence in their own skin!

Pooh is always a champion of believing in yourself and having confidence, here is Sister Pooh telling you exactly how to do that!


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