Easy & Creative School Lunches Your Kids Will Go Crazy For

posted: 02/13/18
by: Kristine Boyd

Trying to get your kids dressed and out the door for school can be extremely hectic. Save yourself sometime in the morning by having easy school lunches prepped that your kids will love. With these easy lunches, you won't have to worry what your child is eating in the cafeteria. Take lunch time beyond peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with these school lunches that your kids will go crazy for!

Taco Station

This mini taco station is sure to make your child excited to eat lunch! Don't worry this is much easier to prepare than it looks. Simply shred some rotisserie chicken from the store and add healthy sides like guacamole and corn. Then just give them tortillas on the side to make their own chicken tacos with during lunch. They will have so much fun and are sure to eat their whole meal!

Pita Pizzas

Buy flatbread or pitas at the store along with your child's favorite pizza toppings. Simply cook these in the oven, microwave or toaster oven for a few minutes until everything is cooked and melted. You can even have your child help you make these the night before for a fun activity that will help save you time!

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Breakfast for lunch is such an easy way to prepare a nutritious meal for your kid. At the beginning of the week, whip up an extra batch of pancakes from your Sunday brunch. Throw the extra pancakes in the freezer to pack for your kids throughout the week. You can even make them protein pancakes to ensure they stay full all-day long. This is great paired with yogurt and a hard-boiled egg!

Fruit Dip

Make a simple sandwich with a side of fruit. The easiest way to get your kids to eat more fruit is to make a delicious fruit dip on the side. Use Greek yogurt to give the meal an extra boost of protein and healthy fats. You can flavor the dip with peanut butter, maple syrup or cinnamon for a delicious combination that your kids will love!

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Leftovers Wrap

Utilize whatever leftovers you have from dinner the night before to make a delicious wrap for your child's lunch! You can make a grilled chicken Caesar wrap, a Mexican burrito or leftover steak fajitas to concoct an amazing meal that will keep them full for the rest of the school day. Just serve this with fruits and vegetables and you have an easy, quick lunch!

It can be hard to make lunch when you are running around on a school day morning. It is also hard to create something healthy that they will actually enjoy at lunch. Ensure your kid eats lunch and has energy with these easy recipes. For easier make-ahead lunches click here!