Earring-Back Controversy Burning up The Internet

posted: 08/04/15
by: Courtney Reimer

It's not quite on the level of the cola wars or, say, who should be the next President, but this debate is approaching #thedress-level madness on the internet: how are you supposed to deal with that plastic thing on the back of your earring? Judging from people's reactions on Twitter, this is a controversy of epic proportions.

Here is the tweet that started it all:

And since then, responses have been abundant and vociferous.

They range from perplexed:

To indignant:

To emotional:

Just imagine how these young whippersnappers would react if they find out once upon a time people who didn't have pierced ears could wear clip-on earrings.

So, what's YOUR reaction? Were you surprised to hear people leave the plastic discs on the backs of their earrings, or were you surprised to hear they came off at all (or none of the above)?