Does Baking Ease Your Nerves?

posted: 12/21/16
by: TLCme
A plate filled with Christmas cookies decorated with frosting and icing for winter holiday celebrations. The baked dessert collection of sweet food features Christmas tree, gingerbread man, snowman, star, heart, and snowflake shapes against the green background of a ceramic plate. The light wooden table area allows for copy space.

For some people, baking festive cookies like gingerbread men and sugar cookie cutouts adds to the chaos of the holiday season. Others find baking the perfect way to take a break from shopping madness. They like the control, step-by-step rhythm, and hands on nature of creating their favorite treats. These people are called stress bakers.

Whether or not you're a self-diagnosed stress baker, stress baking is the perfect way to take a productive break this week. When you've had your fill of shopping and holiday decorating, put on some good tunes and preheat your oven. The motions of baking, the sweet smells, and of course, the test-tastings are sure to put you in a good mood. Plus, you can score extra points with your friends, neighbors, and family by sharing your creations (or not-- we won't tell).

Need some inspiration? Watch Buddy and his team create baking masterpieces on Cake Boss on TLCGO.

Not a stress baker? We understand. Just sit back, watch some episodes of Cake Boss, and go ahead and put in that order of cookies from your favorite bakery. No stress needed.