Do This to Trick Yourself into Buying Healthier Foods

posted: 04/30/15
by: Mara Betsch
grocery shopping
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Eating a healthy snack before you go shopping can influence what ends up in your cart.

You probably know not to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach -- who hasn't gone shopping while hungry and come home with bags full of impulse buys (those tortilla chips were two for one!)?

But a new study shows that what you eat before you leave the house may actually influence what ends up in your cart.

Aner Tal, PhD, a research associate at Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab, and his team gave a group of shoppers a small snack before hitting the store: some ate an apple slice while others had a piece of cookie. There was a control group who didn't eat anything. The results showed that people who nibbled on the apple bought 28% more healthy fruits and vegetables than people who had the sweeter snack. They also bought 25% more produce than the group that didn't have any snacks.

The moral of the story is keeping healthy snacks on hand helps you make healthier choices throughout your day. Though the study suggests that an apple a day may keep unhealthy purchases away, bananas, oranges, or even a few almonds will also work.

Happy shopping!