DIY Cosmic Bowling and 8 More Great Ideas for Summer Backyard Celebrations

posted: 06/17/16
by: Katie Morton

Summer entertaining can be summed up in one word: RELAXED. The best summer parties are those where the decor and ambience are chill and casual. Lazy summer days beg for you to fire up the barbecue, pop open some bottles, and rev up the fun with as little effort as possible. Enjoy our creative ideas to make your backyard the place to celebrate this summer.

DIY Mason Jar DIY Citronelle

No matter what your party theme is, there are a few guests who are never on the invite list: Mosquitos! Use summer citrus aroma and candlelight to keep flying pests away. Just combine fresh limes, essential oils, herbs and floating tea lights for cool bug-repellant mood lighting.

Dad's Day Barbecue Cooler

What's easier than ice and beer stashed in a (clean) wheelbarrow? This cart is a masculine idea for a serve-yourself drink cart. Perfect decor for a Father's Day barbecue gathering!

Kiddie-Sized Service

Kiddie pools make fore great serving stations. Just toss some ice cubes in a wading pool, and then add juice boxes or sodas. Perch snacks and treats in a waterproof bowl for an easy, kid-friendly serving concept.

Toddler Obstacle Course

Pool noodles aren't just for water fun. Use these dollar store staples to create a colorful obstacle course for small walkers. Older kids can use the noodles to make more elaborate creations for easy, active entertainment.

Cosmic Outdoor Bowling

You don't need your own mansion to have an in-house blowing alley. Light sticks and water bottles create glow-in-the-dark lawn bowling pins--making for a fun activity for kids and adults, alike.

Yard Twister

Twister's a classic for a reason. Twister on the lawn? Yes, please. First one to fall has to clean the grill and do the dishes.

Movies on the Lawn

Set up an outdoor movie screen to watch the latest summer blockbuster. A movie's not complete without concessions--this cart is stocked full of sweets and savories to enjoy during the action.

Celebratory Lawn Picnic

Whether the occasion is graduation, a birthday, or just "hey, it's Thursday," a lawn picnic is a perfect way to celebrate. A cheery cloth, savory snacks, and a balloon border lend a festive ambience.

Backyard Ball Pit

Little ones LOVE playing in ball pits! If you're throwing a party for your toddler, this make-your-own ball pit will be a huge hit.

Have a blast outside this summer with a casual backyard celebration. Simply keep your decor and games easy and breezy, so your summer celebrations are as much fun for you as they are for your guests. Cheers!