Digital Tools to Help Make Your House Feel Like Home

posted: 06/27/16
by: TLCme
woman at home with ipad

Remember when "decor inspiration" literally meant being inspired by a magazine photo or a visit to your neighbor's house? Or when "smart home" meant just not forgetting to lock the door when you leave for the day? Times have truly changed, and the big headline here is that you have more control over your home than you used to. Here are some of our favorite digital tools to make your home secure, cozy and beautiful.


Perhaps a no-brainer for anyone who's given thought to what to do with their living room (or kitchen, or basement), Pinterest is a great tool to help you visualize an idea - or be inspired by one - before taking the plunge and spending on a piece of furniture or deciding on a paint color.

Digital and Online Layout Tools

If you have even the slightest facility with Photoshop, you can do like our friend Erica does and digitally "mock up" room design and furniture arrangements. If that's a little daunting, there are sites like RoomSketcher that allow you to digitally rearrange your rooms using your computer mouse or a fingertip.

"Smart Home" Systems

Systems like AT&T Digital Life allow you to control the climate and lighting for your home while providing security - all via an easy-to-use app. Want to have the house warm by the time you get home? Want to turn on a couple lights so the house doesn't look empty? You can do that with the AT&T Digital Life app*.

Video Chatting & Snapchat

You've probably heard someone in the next dressing room FaceTime-ing a friend when they are trying on new outfits at the department store - you can apply that technique to interior design in real time. Does the framed art look better over the couch or the fireplace? Ask for a second opinion using your phone, either in real time with Skype or FaceTime or by posting different options to Snapchat and having friends and family vote on which ones they like best.

* Limited availability in select markets. 2-yr. agreement w/equipment fees & monthly service charges req'd. Functionalities mentioned require purch. of energy package w/separate 2-yr. agmt, equip. fees & monthly service charges req'd. AT&T-Certified Like-New equip. provided. Early termination (up to $640 + $50 for energy package) and other fees, charges, taxes & restrictions apply. Data charges may apply for Digital Life app download and usage. Coverage and service not available everywhere. See [url] for complete details.