Detox Smoothie Recipes For When You Eat Too Much This Holiday Season

posted: 11/29/16
by: Amanda Mushro

'Tis the season for over-eating! While the leftovers from Thanksgiving might be gone, indulging in too much food, too many helpings of desserts, and a few too many cocktails may have left you feeling sluggish and bloated. So if you're pants are feeling a little too tight and you haven't bounced back from the Thanksgiving holiday, it's time to get yourself back on track. To offset the overindulging, you can do a few things right now, like lacing up your running shoes and go for a long walk or getting a workout in, and making sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating lots fruits and veggies will help too. Another great way to get back to a healthy equilibrium is drinking a few detox smoothies. If you're already a smoothie fan or you've been thinking of adding them into your regular meals, here are a few recipes for detox smoothie you can this holiday season!

A cranberry apple detox smoothie has all the flavors of fall and can help cleanse your body after a long holiday weekend of overeating.

This green detox smoothie is a great option for a quick and healthy breakfast smoothie.

This berry smoothie is loaded with tons of vitamins and nutrients and only has 5 ingredients.

After all that pumpkin pie, this anti-bloat smoothie might make your jeans feel not so tight!

If you aren't a fan of smoothies, you can try detox teas that are flavorful and a great way to start your day.