Destination Wedding Welcome Bag Must-Haves

posted: 08/03/15
by: Randy Fenoli
picture of a bride and groom boarding an airplane

If anyone knows weddings, it's Randy Fenoli of TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress." Here he dispenses some indispensable destination-wedding wisdom and great ideas for what should be in that welcome bag that greets guests when they arrive at the hotel. We've included some inspiration from Instagram, too.

1. A map with the important locations and scheduled events. A cute timeline with the key information and itinerary with important phone numbers (hospital, grocery store, drugstore, etc.) It's also helpful to include local hot spots and restaurants because you're not going to be able to attend to them every moment. Some great restaurants that are inexpensive and some nicer restaurants.

2. Something to snack on. They've just flown in from a long flight from somewhere, they're gonna want something to snack on. As you say, you know, a lean protein snack or two. A drink or two, and definitely water. And then maybe something with local angle: small bottle of wine or maybe beer from a local brewery. Something that shows what's special about this locale and why you chose it.

3. Weatherproof essentials.
If it's a hot environment, you might want sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrellas. Things that you would take if it's on the beach or in a hot climate. If it's in a cold climate, you might want pashminas or teabags or little mugs, that they can make up their own hot chocolate or stuff like that would be really nice.

Look how fun #LibbyAndJay's welcome bags are for their guests! We are so excited for their wedding next weekend!

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4. A signature treat from the couple.
Something personal that really speaks to the couple, that when they open it they're like, "Oh my gosh, yeah. You know, Josh is a huge lover of gummy bears. You know, he's got to have these." Whatever their signature sweets are. Or something to do. Maybe a crossword puzzle, if the groom sits down every Sunday and does the crossword puzzle. And maybe a mix of their favorite tunes, or something like that. Something that once again speaks to the couple and tells about who they are.

5. Local sights to see. They're going to a destination. They want to know, "Okay, what is there to see and do? Instead of just sitting in my hotel room, let's get out and go to these hotspots or touristy sights to see." So, a personalized map of the area, created by an artist or something, would be really nice.

6. A personal note.
If you've only got, like, 20 or 30 people coming (or a manageable number) you could even drop a little personalized note that's literally a sentence long, in each one. Like, you know, "Hello, Paige. Thank you so much for joining Josh and I at our wedding. Enjoy the goodies in the bag!" If you have time to personalize it, anything that's personal, I think is always going to make your wedding better.