Dessert Hacks for Easy Desserts for your Kids

posted: 11/02/16
by: Amanda Mushro
cinnamon buns

Most kids would agree, dessert is the best part of dinner. After all, what was the point of eating all those veggies if there isn't a sweet treat at the end? So if you don't have time to whip up homemade dessert for your kids, try these simple dessert hacks to save time but still make delicious after dinner treats.

S'more in a Bag- Start with snack sized bags of cookies or graham crackers and crush them up in the bag. Then add chocolate morsels or mini chocolate bars to the bag. Finish by adding a spoonful of marshmallow fluff or a roasted marshmallow--you can do this on your stove top. Mix it all together with a spoon and let your kids eat right out of the bag. Easy and yummy dessert and very little cleanup!

Marshmallow Frosting- No need to run out to the store for a can of frosting or make your own, adding a few marshmallows to the top of a cookie or cupcake and placing it in the oven for about a minute creates a sweet and easy frosting for your after dinner dessert.

Upgraded Brownie- Using any box brownie mix, add a few mini sized candy bars to the batter and bake following the directions for delicious and anything but ordinary brownies.

Super Simple Chocolate Covered Strawberries- Start by melting chocolate morsels in the microwave and putting sliced strawberries into ice cube trays. Pour the melted chocolate onto the strawberries and freeze. When it's time for dessert, pop out the chocolate and break apart for a family friendly dessert.

Gummy Bear Popsicles- Using a popsicle mold, drop in a few gummy bears in and fill with fruit juice and place in the freezer. Your kids will love these fun popsicles.

Ice Cream Cubes- Fill up ice trays with different flavors of ice cream and when it's time for dessert, let your kids fill a glass with a few ice cream cubes and top off with milk for a fun twist on a milkshake.

Waffle Cinnamon Buns- Grab a tube of cinnamon buns from the grocery store and instead of popping them in the oven, use your waffle iron to cook the cinnamon buns. Then let your kids top with icing, whip cream, or fruit toppings.

Pudding Cookie Popsicles- Grab a few packs of chocolate and vanilla pudding cups. Take the pudding out of the cups, place in separate bowls, but don't toss the plastic cups because you need them! Start by layering crushed up cookies at the bottom of the plastic cups, then a layer of chocolate pudding, and a layer of vanilla pudding and repeat. Finish by putting a popsicle stick in the middle and freeze for an easy and sweet treat.