Try Not to Cry at These Schoolkids Singing to A Cancer-Fighting Teacher

posted: 07/23/15
by: Courtney Reimer

If you're familiar with the work of Staten Island's PS22 grade school choir, you know the power and emotion these kids bring to mainstream hits like Katy Perry's "Firework," Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" and Imagine Dragons' "On Top of the World," which they performed at The Presidential Inauguration in 2013. But their latest rendition is perhaps the most tear-jerking of them all.

On the last day of school this year, the PS22 choir dedicated a song to a beloved teacher who has been working tirelessly through the year despite having been diagnosed with breast cancer in January. The song in question is Martina McBride's "Love You Through it," which is about a 38-year-old woman being supported by her husband as she battles breast cancer. Understandably the song struck a chord for the teacher, Adriana Lopez, who in the YouTube video of the performance continually wipes away tears as the children sing to her.

"She's one of those teachers," choir director Gregg Breinberg told Today.com. "She's one of the unsung heroes, and it was time for her to be sung to."