Dad’s Tardy Note for Daughter is Shockingly Honest (and We Love It)

posted: 02/11/16
by: TLCme

This awesome tardy note beats the old "dog ate my homework" school excuses of days gone by.

When his daughter was late to school this week, Patrick Pipino penned an astonishingly honest letter explaining why. No, it wasn't because she had a dentist appointment or woke up with the sniffles. It was because of Bruce Springsteen.

"In the interest of honesty," the Upstate New York dad wrote. "I feel it my obligation to be straight with you all as to the reason. Last night Isabelle was lucky enough to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Albany, and darned if he didn't play for three and a half hours."

Patrick Pipino's kids were late to school today. This is the excuse note the Saratoga Springs father wrote. Does he make a valid point?Hear from him in our evening newscasts.

Posted by WNYT NewsChannel 13 on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

As if that didn't already have him ready for his Cool Dad of the Year award, he adds: "Have you ever wondered how many kids would be late -- or miss school outright -- if God were suddenly to appear? It's something like that."

Courtesy Patrick Pipino/Facebook

Pipino told ABC News that both of his daughters are huge Springsteen fans, so it was a no-brainer that they were going to attend The Boss' local show.

"They both love Bruce Springsteen, and have ever since the older one was only 4 years old," Pipino said. "Isabelle would be singing from the back seat and if I had something else on, she would say, 'Dad, can we listen to Springsteen?' Sometimes she would even say, 'Can we listen to old Springsteen?'"

But their mom? She might not be such a fan at the moment.

"My wife is a schoolteacher in the district," Pipino shared, adding that he was probably going to get a talking-to for his behavior. "She was mortified by not knowing what her betrothed did."