Dad Used a Potato to Turn His Son’s Mood Around and It Actually Worked

posted: 05/25/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi
Red Potatoes
Facebook/The Seasonal in America Project

His 3-year-old was complaining to him about "everything," and that's when it clicked.

Put a big potato in his hands and tell him to turn his mood around.

Applying a cooking hack to this parenting predicament, one dad told his moody son to hold a potato in his hand until he changed his attitude, as potatoes are known to absorb extra salt in soups and stews, according to his post on Reddit, and his young son was being salty.

"I found the biggest potato we had and told him that he needs to hold onto this until he changes his attitude," wrote this dad on Reddit. "He's too salty and when he's calm and ready to say nice things he can put down the potato and join us again."

His son had been complaining about "everything" like his lunch to cleaning the floor to what his brother wanted to watch. It was his "sarcastic dad-brain" that was working to correct this attitude and it did so by recalling the potato trick.

And it did the job.

"He thought it was so silly and his mood changed," the dad continued. "At first he was confused and wanted to put it down, but I told him that he will absolutely under no circumstances out the potato down until he's in a better mood to compose himself."

People in the comment section couldn't help but make jokes about how funny this sounds or question if potatoes can actually get extra salt out of stews. One user, a teacher, said they are going to steal this discipline trick while another said they plan to use it on teenagers and toddlers.

Either way, we are expecting to see some potato-related updates coming soon.