Dad Teaches His Daughter About Bullying in a Unique, Wonderful Way

posted: 05/18/15
by: Blythe Copeland
text message about bullying
ChadMichael Morrisette

No one wants to imagine their kids being bullied--or as bullies--and for one dad, teaching his daughter about bullying meant owning up to his past mistakes. Yahoo Parenting shares the story of ChadMichael Morrisette and Louie Amundson, former classmates at a small high school in Alaska, who were not on the best of terms: Amundson was one of a group of "six or seven guys" who bullied Morrisette until Morrisette left home when he was 15. But nearly 20 years later, Morrisette opened his Facebook account to find an apology from Amundson, which read in part: "I was recently talking with my 10 year old daughter about bullies. She asked me if I ever bullied anyone and sadly I had to say "yes"...I don't even know if you remember but I do and I am sorry."

Morrisette accepted the apology--to Amundsen's relief. "I owed him that apology, he did not owe me his forgiveness. The fact that he was able to forgive me showed that I may have been the bigger kid, but he is the bigger man," Amundsen told Yahoo Parenting.

Morrisette credits Amundson's daughter with her dad's change of heart. "There was something magical happening between dad and daughter, that she brought the apology out. And that he was honest with her that yes, he bullied -- good for him. I'm quite proud of him."