Dad Shares Touching Photo of Him Wearing Feeding Tube to Match His Sick Son

posted: 05/25/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

CAN Y'ALL PLEASE REPOST, TAG A FRIEND, EMAIL, SHARE THIS STORY ON ALL SOCIAL PLATFORMS so we can Help Fight and Bring Awareness to CHD. ?????. . . My Mr. #stealyourheart #teamchace ?? is sucking in his stomach, trying to show off his abs like his daddy but all you see are his little ribs. ???? I just cut and glued one of his G-tube on me to show support for him and bring awareness. My son was born with a Congenital Heart Defect (#chd) called Tetralogy of Fallot (#tof) and he uses a Feeding-Tube (#gtube) to help with him being under weight due to him not eating orally as much since he was a baby. But as long as I'm breathing, I'll always support my son and he'll never be in a fight alone. ????? 05 || ?2 || ?7. . . #tloce #thelifeofchaceelijah #congenitalheartdefect #chdwarrior #chdawareness #chdsurvivor #heartdefect #heartwarrior #heartsurgery #tetralogyoffallot #clothdiapers #openheartsurgery #smib #pha #feedingtubeawareness #openheartsurgery #childernshospital #daddyduties #theblackmancan

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Among all the adorable photos of a 3-year-old toddler named Chace on an Instagram profile dedicated entirely to him, one particular photo is standing out above the rest.

It's a picture of the little boy looking in a mirror with his father and despite the major differences between them, they have one special thing in common: they both have feeding tubes on their stomachs. Chace's father, Rosco, attached a fake tube to his stomach to bring awareness to a heart defect his son suffers from called Tetralogy of Fallot.

"But as long as I'm breathing," Rosco captioned the touching photo, "I'll always support my son and he'll never be in a fight alone."

He explained that Chace needs this feeding tube because he is underweight from an inability to orally eat a lot when he was a baby. His illness, or Tetralogy of Fallot, is a rare condition that stems from a combination of four different heart defects at birth. Given this, Chace has had two open heart surgeries, one of which when he was only two weeks old.

The scar from the surgeries is visible on Chace's chest, but so is his tongue as a part of an adorably goofy expression. He's also trying to suck in his stomach to show off abs like his dad's.

In the Instagram post, Rosco prompted viewers to share this story on all social media platforms, so he can bring awareness to and help fight Congenital Heart Defects like his son's.

We think he is doing a wonderful job.