Dad Pushes His Son With Cerebral Palsy Around Skate Park in Viral Video

posted: 04/18/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

One dad took his son with cerebral palsy for a spin at the local skate park, and a video of their ride has since gone viral.

Pushed by his father Phil Van Hise is Callen, 5, who was born with Hypnotic Cerebral Palsy, so he has challenges with balance and coordination. However, that doesn't stop him from doing the things he loves: things like going to the skate park.

"It's not to say, 'Hey, look what I can do as a dad,'" Van Hise told Fox 13 Salt Lake City. "It's what he can do."

Callen--who sits in a wheelchair in the touching video--is currently in speech therapy and can communicate well. Given this, a message he has been able to relay to his parents is that he loves trips to the skate park.

"His reaction is what's worth it," Van Hise said. "I don't care if I'm about ready to die or have exhaustion from that. His joy is what matters."

Van Hise's wife Paula said people at the skate park are "awesome" about the duo using the skate park. They even stop, let them through and cheer them on, she said.

Go, Callen!