Dad Becomes the Bath Time Hero by Making an Amazing Wall of Bubbles

posted: 01/25/18
by: Amanda Mushro

Forget chasing your kids through the house to get them into the tub for bath time, one dad figured a way to get his kids squeaky clean and also earn the title of Best Dad Ever. How did he do it? Basically he used every ounce of bubble bath to make what can only be described as a bubble wall--correction the most amazing bubble wall that we are so jealous of and kinda want to try out.

The king of all bubble baths dad posted the hilarious video of his kids going crazy over the giant wall of bubbles to the Facebook group Good Husband Movement - LoveTap. The now viral video has already been watched over 2.4 million times. His kids' reactions are simply amazing as they splish and splash inside the bubble wall.

"Sometimes being a good husband means simply being a good dad," the dad captioned his post. "Give your wife a break and take over bath time now and then." I have to admit, there is nothing that makes me happier than my husband saying "Don't worry. I've got this" when it comes to bath time, but I just kept thinking two things:

  1. Who had to clean up that mess
  2. Also, this is pretty rad so teach me your ways so we can try it too.