Cute and Creative DIY Stations for Your Baby Shower

posted: 08/04/16
by: Amanda Mushro
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    Cute and Creative DIY Stations For Your Baby Shower

    Most baby showers go the same way: guests arrive, Ohhh and Awww over the mom-to-be’s belly, play a few games, have something to eat, then Ohhh and Awww all over again as the presents are unwrapped. If you’re looking to personalize your baby showers and get your guests chatting and laughing, why not setup a DIY station for them to create something special for your baby. Here’s a few of our favorite Baby Shower DIY Stations.

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    Baby Headbands

    If you know your baby is going to be a little lady, set up a DIY headband station for your guests. They can chat with each other as they attach bows and flowers to headbands that your little girl will look adorable wearing. You can send thank you notes with pictures of your baby girl in their creations.

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    Onesie Decorating

    Give your guests a few onesies and a pile of adorable iron-on decals to create personalized onesies that you’ll love dressing your baby. If your guests come to visit when the baby arrives, put them in the onesie they created.

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    Bib Decorating

    With a few bottles of craft paint and a pile of bibs, your guests can create mini masterpieces or silly sayings on the bibs. Once your baby starts solids, you’ll be glad you have so many bibs on hand.

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    Baby Hangers

    Create a drool-worthy closest for your baby by ditching plastic hangers and have your guests decorate wooden hangers that you can use to fill their closet.

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    ABC Book

    Have your baby shower guests create you baby’s first ABC book that is an adorable memento from your baby shower. Just print out sheets for each letter, and ask guests to write words that start with that letter and even short and silly paragraphs about the letter. You’ll love reading the book to your baby at night and remembering all those special people that came to your shower.

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    When it’s 3 AM and you’re changing yet another dirty diaper, wouldn’t it be great if you could have a little laugh. Setup a station with diapers and markers for your guests to create funny saying on the diapers.

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    Freezer meals

    What a perfect idea for a new mom, especially if she already has kids at home. Have your guests help put together meals for once the baby arrives. Guests can bring their own recipe, or you can supply the dinner ideas. Let your guests cut, chop, and prepare meals that will go into your freezer and become a life saver during dinnertime.