Curtis Stone Teaches You How to Upgrade Your Hamburger

posted: 05/28/15
by: TLC

Italian-Style Gourmet Burgers

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Curtis cooks up an American classic with an Italian twist. Check out his recipe for cheeseurgers with "gourmet ketchup."

Watch as celebrity chef Curtis Stone whips up his signature burger recipe. Though it borrows some flavors from traditional Italian food, the results are completely original and delicious -- perfect for the next backyard barbecue. In just a few minutes, he creates a mouthwatering meal and you can, too! Steal his ideas for creating the perfect burger:

  1. Choose tougher meat (like the shoulder). According to Stone, "the tougher the meat, the more flavor."
  2. Add lots of seasonings to your meat. Stone uses egg, salt, pepper, mustard, worcestershire sauce, cooked onions and garlic, and parsley
  3. Upgrade your sauce. To maximize flavor, Stone added herbs (tarragon and chives), worcestershire sauce, sherry vinegar and dijon mustard and a bit of olive oil to his ketchup.
  4. Pick an unusual bun. Instead of a basic white white roll, Stone prefers an Italian favorite, ciabatta bread
  5. Go BIG on toppings. Just when you thought the burger had enough flavor, Stone tops it with prosciutto, fontina cheese and semi-dried tomatoes. YUM!