Crying Newborn Is Soothed By…”Star Wars”?!?

posted: 03/25/16
by: Amanda Mushro

When you have a crying newborn, you'll do just about anything to calm them. During one particular crying spell, a new dad decided to he needed to bring out the big guns, or in this case, the light sabers.

Bryan Laurel posted this video to his YouTube account that shows his newborn daughter crying inconsolably until he takes out his phone and plays the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie trailer.

Upon hearing the music and watching the characters on the screen, the baby stops crying, places her tiny hand on her chin like she is pondering the cinematic beauty of the film, and she even lets out a sweet, contented sigh as the trailer comes to a close.

Proving that the power of the Force is real, Laurel wrote "After talking, singing and making silly faces to calm my crying 2-week-old daughter to no avail, I called upon the Force. I'm proud to say... I am her father."